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Promo 20% Makan di Hawaiian Bistro

Promo 20% Makan di Hawaiian Bistro

Hawaiian Bistro would like to acquaint you to the eating styles of the people in Hawaii.
The “Hawaiian Plate Lunch” will consist of 2 scoops of rice, one scoop of macaroni salad and entrée.

The “Plate Lunch” derived in the early 1900’s, at the Honolulu Waterfront. Pushcart peddlers would serve plate lunches to hungry stevedores, sailors and cruise ship crews and passengers.

Hawaii is the “Melting Pot” of the Pacific. Having multi-ethnic backgrounds from all corners of Asia such as : Pacific Islanders, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Korean, etc…

In the 1800-1900’s, immigrants from around Asia migrated to Hawaii to work in the sugar cane fields and factories. During lunch hour, many of the workers would share their meals with other workers. As time passed on, families would open their small “mom and pop” drive-ins, with all their favorite’s from all ethnic backgrounds.

We will try to give you the same hospitality and warmth experience as Hawaii people treat one another. We call it “Ohana” which means family. Also, to come with an ambience and experience of the Hawaiian culture.

Ada diskon 20% nih makan di Hawaiian Bistro!

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Promo ini berlaku hingga 31 Desember 2016